One of my most used camera backpacks is the Think Tank Airport Essentials Backpack. Everyone has different requirements for a good camera bag and for me comfort and the possibility to take a lot of camera gear with you is a must. It must also be suitable for carrying as hand luggage in, for example, an airplane. The compact size of the Essentials makes traveling a breeze, because I can now take all my camera with me as hand luggage instead of having to bring my gear in the cargo hold.

Here are some key features of the Think Tank Essentials:
– Meets most international and US enforcement requirements.
– Cable lock and lock YKK RC fuse zippers to protect the contents of the bag.
– Suitable for 13 “laptops, some 15” laptops and at the same time also space for a 10 “tablet.

Here a shot of the entire bag ..

think tank essentials review 1

The following shot shows the YKK RC fuse zippers and the quality of the stich work of the bag itself. What cannot be seen is the included zipper lock which is stored on the side of the bag, with this you can lock the zippers and also use the supplied cable lock to attach the bag to, for example, a table so that others cannot go into your bag. but secondly, it is also possible to anchor this bag to a table or other object so that the bag cannot be taken just like that.

think tank essentials review 2
On top of the bag is one of the two sturdy handles with underneath a compact storage compartment that is closed with a zipper, useful for example passport etc. you have it easily and quickly at hand when needed.

think tank essentials review 4

There is also a small handy box on top of the bag where you can store business cards such as I did.

think tank essentials review 5

The shoulder straps are very soft and comfortably lined on the inside. On the outside of both shoulder straps there is ample opportunity to attach various extra pouches or even a telephone. On a side note, a Peak Design Capture Clip also fits well.

think tank essentials review 6

The back of the bag is equipped with very comfortable mesh and breathable back panel (back side), as shown in the following shot. The bag also has an extra belt around the waist to better distribute more weight. I do not use it myself and with the Think Tank Airport Essentials it is also very easy to store so that when you do not want to use it, it can also be completely hidden from view without having to disassemble it completely.

think tank essentials review 7

The backpack is divided into two parts, a main part for camera gear and a smaller compartment for a 10 inch tablet and even a 15 inch laptop. There is also an organizer section where you can store batteries, pens, lanyards, keys and what not. The section in the bag (front pocket) also offers sufficient space for, for example, extra cables, power adapters, but also a sweater (or, for example, a rain suit) or, if necessary, a lunch pack for on the way, in short, plenty of space 🙂

think tank essentials review 3

When you open the main compartment there are two extra storage compartments that can be used for extra cables, note pad and more. The fabric even stretches a bit as you can see in the next shot …

think tank essentials review 9

Again, two YKK RC fuse zippers are used to neatly close the compartments …

think tank essentials review 10

And now the main compartment of the bag which is very spacious. The next shot shows how I arranged it with various camera gear. Sufficient dividers are supplied with the bag so that the bag can be arranged according to your own wishes. The two long head deviders (PE board reinforced dividers) are extra sturdy and ensure that the bag retains its perfect shape and strength.

What fits in the bag?

– Standard DSLR / 1 or multiple mirrorless bodies
– 300 mm f2.8
– 13 “laptops plus some slim 15” laptops (including macbooks and XPS or Razers).
– 10 “tablet
– 70-200 mm f2.8
– 4x pro lenses

think tank essentials review 11

In my case I have divided the extra dividers so that I can move them in an instant to pack even more organized if I need to, without using the extra dividers that I am not currently using at home or outside the home. leave bag.

think tank essentials review 14

I am someone who likes to have everything neatly organized in his bag and that is where the extra optional accessories from Think Tank come in handy. I store all my cables (such as USB, HDMI, charging cables, SD card reader ect.) In my CABLE MANAGEMENT 10 V2.0, a small zippered storage pouch with a transparent window so that I can easily see what’s inside without opening it first.
think tank essentials review 13

And I use batteries for my camera de batterij houder (for my Sony A7III, NP-FZ100 batteries) from Think Tank, ideal and small. There are also larger sizes of the battery holder available and even for pro dslr batteries.

think tank essentials review 12

On the side of the bag on the outside is an elastic side pocket for, for example, a drinking bottle, but can also be used for other small objects.

think tank essentials review 15

I myself use this elastic compartment to store either my tripod or in this case my monopod. With the two supplied tripod straps which can be attached to the side of the bag, you can fix everything properly and securely. Not really necessary for use with my monopod, but handy that the possibility is there 🙂

think tank essentials review 8

Here the dimensions

Internal dimensions: 27.9 x 41.4 x 12.7 cm
Outer dimensions: 29.2 x 45.7 x 17.8 cm
laptop: 25 × 38 × 3 cm
Weight: 1.4 – 1.6 kg (Depending on the accessories used)


– Durable water-repellent (DWR) coating
– Polyurethane coating
– 1680D ballistic nylon
– YKK® RC Fuse (wear resistant) zippers
– Antique nickel plated metal hardware
– Nylon strap
– 3-layer bonded nylon thread

– 210D silver colored nylon
– Polyurethane supported manyx lining and dividers
– 2x nylon coated nylon 210T rain cover with seam seals
– Shielded separators with closed cell foam and PE plate
– Transparent mesh pockets
– 3-layer bonded nylon thread

Included with the backpack

– 2x tripod belts
– Reinforced padded dividers
– Cable lock
– Sealed rain cover

My conclusion

I can be quite short about this, it is my most used bag at the moment and for the simple reasons that it perfectly meets the requirements I expect from a decent backpack. The Think Tank Essentials is comfortable to travel with and it fits a large amount of camera gear and is not too big or too bulky. Made of top and sturdy material and comes with a rain cover, a cable lock and enough extra dividers to each OCD to keep user happy.

If you are interested in buying a bag like this or if you have any questions, I would like to see them in the comments below.