For those photographers that have been living under a rock for the last 10 years this is something you have to have in your Camera Shotkit (camerabag) a Lensball.

So what is it? Will it be able to tell the future? No none of the above, the Lensball is aimed at photographers that want to get creative. As the Lensball enables you to capture the world in the palm of your hand.

Two sizes

Next to the Lensball Pro, which is perfected in size to offer the highest quality picture, we have Lensball Pocket for people who are always on the move. The original Lensball is available in two sizes. Next to the Lensball Pro (80mm & 650gr), which is perfected in size to offer the highest quality picture, they also have a Lensball Pocket (60mm & 250gr) for people who are always on the move. The Lensball I am reviewing here is the Lensball Pro πŸ™‚

The Package

In this shot is the box, simple design but its simple is all you need…

lensball quentin rademaker camerashotkit 7157

The bottom of the box shows company information which kinda got me going like what? They are based in the Netherlands? I received the Package from Hongkong πŸ™‚ Also on the bottom there is a small warming, which to be fair is good keep in mind seeing it basicly is a big magnifying piece of glass πŸ™‚

lensball quentin rademaker camerashotkit 7158

Like I stated before the package is basic but none the less well made, inside there’s even a sticker and a couple of sample ideas to get your creative mind going…

lensball quentin rademaker camerashotkit 7159

Here’s a shot of the other contents wihtout the Lensball…

lensball quentin rademaker camerashotkit 7160

This shows how well the Lensball is packaged inside the box. The lensball even comes in its own black soft little bag πŸ™‚

lensball quentin rademaker camerashotkit 7161

The Lensball itself, is a big hunk of perfect polished glass. The one am reviewing here is the Lensball Pro with is 80mm and weighs in at 650 grams. Nothing else to say about it spec wise πŸ™‚

lensball quentin rademaker camerashotkit 7162

Seeing I just got the ball in like 60 minutes ago, the following shot is a fast one just to shw you what you can do without to much hassle. I will however post more pictures on my instagramaccount using the Lensball so stay tune for that and make sure you follow me on either my main instagram account @quentinrademaker and/or my camera gear related instagram account over @camerashotkit.

lensball quentin rademaker camerashotkit 7165

My Thoughts

I know I will have to do more with the Lensball creativily to be able to say any more but my conclusion thus far is on a positive note. I am already thinking of new ways to get creative with this Lensball, that what the lensball is al about. Its a tool which allows you to think out of the box and create even more amazing creations.

Want to get your hand of on either of the available Lensballs?

You can get them over at Amazon
Or get them via the orginal website.

Feel free to leave a comment or ask any questions, why not? Its free πŸ™‚