Any photographer thats wants to speed up their post processing workflow can do so using presets in Lightroom. Over time I started using presets more an more as a filler. By filler I mean that I use a preset in lightroom to get the basics out of the way while post processing. Once a preset is applied the real work starts.

I have posted a small portion of presets I use in Lightroom, do keep in mind that you will need to edit your work after the preset is applied. A preset is just a jumpstart, it wont make your pictures look the bom after the preset is applied. These presets are here to help you, learn and get creative and take your post processing to the next level.

Below are all the presets that are included in the Free Lightroom Preset Pack 2017, check them out by dragging the slider from left to right.

Like these presets? Feel free to download the whole preset pack (12 presets) for FREE and use them to tweak your own images in post proces using Lightroom. My advice would be to not just use these presets but also check to see how these presets work and what is changed by using a preset.


Feel free to drop a comment below if you liked the presets of if you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help out where i can.