From August 2020 you can participate in the Evening Photography Workshops which will take place in beautiful Amsterdam. We are going to photograph some beautiful locations with a nice group of people. The Evening Photography Workshop is suitable for both amateurs and advanced and whether you shoot with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Panasonic, Olympus or Pentax you are most welcome. You can get tips and tricks for taking the most beautiful night photos and you can meet new people with the same love of photography. In addition, it is a motivation to go out and about. We are going to have a nice evening and you will come home with beautiful photos. Locations that we visit include the Damrak, Central Station, 9 Streets, Westerkerk and the Flower Market and more. The starting location is now at the entrance of Amsterdam Central Station.

During the photowalk I will also demonstrate the Canon EOS R and some other very useful products that can take your photography to a new level, including products from F-stop,Β Leofoto and more πŸ™‚

The Workshop will be given in Dutch and English language so if your visiting Amsterdam or even if your a expat your more then welcome to participate with these workshops. If you are visiting Amsterdam for a holiday during August till December and you would like a personal evening photography workshop Β (1 on 1 or even with a small group) let me know by contacting me here and I will try to see if we can make that happen.

Requirements for the workshop:
– A camera where you can set shutter speed, aperture and iso separately (digital Mirror relfex or System camera).
– A tripod (camera tripod)
– Good walking shoes

Are you interested?
Cost for the Evening Photography Workshop is € 49.95 per person and starts at 19:00 to 22:30.
Sign up for one of the dates below:

15th of August 2020 – (5/6) – Reserve your spot
22th of August 2020 – (3-/6) – Reserve your spot
5th of Sept 2020 – (3/6) – Reserve your spot
26th of Sept 2020 – (4/6) – Reserve your spot

All attendees will also receive a 15% discount code for any purchase on F-Stop gear.

More dates are coming and if your having a hard time ordering a ticket online just contact me, I will send you the payment details by email so we can make sure your able to participate on the workshop πŸ™‚

avondfotografie workshop Amsterdam 2020
Shot was taken during one of the evening workshops in Amsterdam


A good and affordable alternative to Lightroom?
If you are looking for a good alternative photo editor to Lightroom, take a look at Luminar 4 from Skylum. This program is a worthy alternative to Lightroom and other photo editing programs and is not only very easy to use, but above all you can really change your creativity. There is a (30 days free) version available for download and you can try it out without obligation. If you want to make a purchase click here and use as coupon / discount code “QUENTIN” and you will receive a 10 euro discount πŸ™‚ If you want to know more about Lminar 4, I would like to see the questions in the comment or if necessary via email πŸ™‚ Of course I can tell you all about it during the photowalk.

Make sure to be there on one of the upcoming dates because we are going out with a small group (10 max) and full is full! The Evening Photography workshop is presented/guided by me Quentin Rademaker if you want anymore information please contact me here πŸ™‚