The Jupio PowerVault DSLR is a portable battery for the most common DSLR cameras. The PowerVault DSLR is connected to the camera with a battery adapter. It is also equipped with a 2.1A USB output for charging smartphones, tablet computers etc.

For those that don’t need a battery grip but do want to have a backup solution to get the job done then have a look at the PowerFault DSLR pack from Jupio.

Here is a shot of the package, and for those that noticed the guy on the package and wonder is this is me featured on the package, no its not 🙂


Whats included in the package

Apart from the main product the PowerVault which is able to power your DSLR camera, aslo included is the battery adapter (in this case for the Nikon D7200).

The PowerVault DSLR comes with a sturdy bag for attachment to a belt…


Technical specs

Compitable to use in combination with DSLR camera’s that use EN-EL15 batteries.
– Power: 5600mAh
– Additional ports: a 2.1A USB-connection
– Size: 11 x 7 x 1.3cm
– Weight: 190grams

There are 5 models available for the Canon LP-E6 and LP-E8, the Nikon EN-EL14 and EN-EL15 and the Sony FW-50 battery.

The PowerVault has a capacity of up to 5600mAh . So you can shoot three times as long compared with the standard battery (in my case the EN-EL15 battery). Also, the PowerVault has an additional USB connection (2.1A), which can be used to charge a tablet and/or even a smartphone. The PowerVault itself is powered by the included micro USB cable.

Charing the PowerFault from Jupio is fast and combining the additional features makes this a must-have product for any photographer.

I have used this device on numerous occasions, not just for my benefit but for others as well. It’s one of those pieces of gear I wont leave home without. I found myself in situations where i needed extra power to shoot a couple hundred more shots before a event ended or needed to charge my iPhone in the middle of a job. Every time the Jupio PowerVault DSLR was there to come to the rescue. I often found myself using the Jupio Powerfault to charge my iPhone… I would just connect my iPhone to the Jupio PowerVault and but them both in my camera bag and by the time I got to the location my phone was completely charged. Even after fully recharging my iPhone I had plenty of juice left to make sure that I could easily use the Jupio PowerVault to power my camera as well in time of need.

Overall the Jupio PowerVault DSLR pack is a musthave for any photographer thats out en about period.

For those international visitors that want to purchase the Jupio PowerFault from Amazon, sorry I haven’t been able to see it listed but have a look at the wide range of Jupio products listed over at Amazon.

If you haven’t checkout products from Jupio before go have a look and give them a shot, you wont regret it.

For more information about Jupio and their product line up, have a look at Jupio’s main site.