Seeing my old tripod has almost reached his EOL (End of Life), I had to get a new one. After searching I found numerous models but seeing they were all pretty expensive I thought let go find a decent but yet older model that fit my budget… That’s when I came across this Manfrotto Tripod with included detachable/interchangeable ballhead.

This 293 Aluminum Tripod with 494RC2 Ball Head from Manfrotto is a steadfast support for a DSLR or other camera up to 4kg (8.8 lb). It has aluminum leg tubes and top casting, a maximum height of 157cm (61.8″), and it folds down to 61cm (24″) for easy storage and transport. Its legs can be spread independently and locked at two different positions (23° and 51°). An anti-shock collar protects your camera from accidental impact which is a great feature.

The included ball head has a quick-release plate, a friction control knob that allows micro movements without engaging the head-locking mechanism, and a locking mechanism that will lock the head in both the +90°/-90° tilt position and the 360° panning position.

Here some specs:

– Folded length: 61cm (24″)
– Max. height: 138cm (54.3″) and without column extended.
– Max. height: 157cm (61.8″) with column extended.
– Min. height: 45cm (17.7″)
– Weight: 1,75kg (3.8 lb)
– Independent Leg Spread: 23°, 51°
– Sections: 3
– Load Capacity: 4kg (8.8 lb)
– Material: Aluminum alloy
– Mount Thread Size: 3/8″-16 Male

Content in the box:

– Manfrotto 293 Tripod
– RC2 Balhead (already fitted on the tripod)
– Quick Releaseplate

Some product shots:


Product Overview and thoughts:

I have used the tripod now for a couple of days and I must say although the weight is not perfect for travel the sturdiness of the tripod makes up it. One other small downside is that the feet are just plain rubber, they have no grip. So for uneven environments (like on rocks or any slippery surface) I would not suggesting using this tripod. For the photography (stills and HDR) that I want to use it for makes this tripod a very good choice. The included RC2 ballhead makes this a nice combo. To be honest I cant really find anything wrong with it, let alone find reasons why not to buy this tripod.

Checkout the video review

Where to to buy or get more info:

For the best deals check ADORAMA or AMAZON and for Dutch residents check KAMERA-EXPRESS.

Check Manfrotto website for more great products…